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Anatomy of a spam message: I got this one in my box. It didn’t display properly since I’m not using a Microsoft mail reader. But it did slip past the junk mail filter. Most filters work on a point system. If a message accrues enough spam points, it’s flagged as junk. It’s a good new, […]

Exercise and Nutrition

Tony sent out the theme for this coming Tuesday’s Toastmaster meeting.     “THEME – Exercise and Nutrition”     “Seems like there are many ways we hear      about improving our exercise and      nutrition, from TV commercials for      those perfect abs, to fantastic weight      loss meal plans.”     “Even the Dr Phil show has a season long      weight loss challenge.” […]

No Surrender

Some of you know that I’ve taken up boxing this year. I recently commented privately about my workout routine. In that comment, I included a poem that distills part of my mental process while training. It deals with the issue of quitting. I’ve been pushing the workouts pretty dang hard and in new directions. It […]

Death Penalty for Virus Pukes

The sobig virus has hit me. Well, not me directly. I’m on the Mac. But it has hit someone (I don’t know who) and I’m affected (even if not infected).

On On

Last night I took Truffles (our old english sheepdog) to run with the Agnew State Hash House Harriers. Big-T is getting a bit long in the tooth but he sure does love to hash!

Miles to Go

This morning at toastmasters, Tony delivered an excellent interpretive reading talk on Robert Frost’s Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening. I remember the last stanza from the 1977 movie Telefon starring Charles Bronson.