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Sepia MacWorld

I’m reading the news of Apple pulling out of MacWorld with a touch of sadness. MacWorld Boston is long dead. It was only a matter of time before MacWorld San Francisco ended, too. It makes sense to me. Consider the history of COMDEX. In it’s heyday, COMDEX rocked. There was excitement, drama, confusion. I attended […]

Google I/O May 28-29 2008

This is a busy week. Monday is a Memorial Day in the United States, ostensibly a holiday. These days, holiday is code for catching up on specification writing, of course. But on Wednesday-Thursday I’m heading up to Google I/O. I’ll be in the social track. I didn’t see a single session in social track I […]

360|Flex San Jose 2008

I’m going to 360|Flex San Jose (August 18 – 20, 2008). This is my first Flex conference. I had long maligned Flex as expensive and unnecessary. I have changed my religion! I saw Peter Armstrong (ruross.com) at the Ruby conference in San Jose. Here’s a guy who built a flex+rails app during his presentation. It […]

COMDEX is Dead

I said it last year, “This is my last COMDEX for COMDEX is dead” Yet, I went again. Just to see. It’s true. Last year was the death of COMDEX. This year was the ‘viewing’. All that’s left is to toss dirt in the grave.