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Javascript DOM Listeners

I’ve wanted to build a simple gallery viewer for some time. “But there are thousands of already built viewers,” you may be thinking. Yes there are. But I wanted a simple viewer that was at once trĂ©s snappy and minimalist. I dislike the gallery systems that open another window or create a floating panel which […]

Another Try

Another try at cleaning the flickr css (ugh) and javascript (sucks). What I did was to remove the javascript and index the thumbnails directly. I could put the links back in for each thumbnail but I’m thinking not. Rather, I would put a bit-o-javascript to have the thumbs control a larger portrait just to it’s […]

Flickr Snickr

I’m looking at adding my snaps to flickr. Here’s a few from my trip to Hyderabad last year. It was a glorious day on the Deccan Plateau. The flickr code is bloated and if I decide to keep it, it’ll need a css trim. Again, it seems a bit large for the sidebar but perhaps […]