Quotes and Idioms

A few quotes and idioms I’ve collected.


Dùnwù zhī qián kǎnchái tiāo shuǐ,
Dùnwù zhī hòu kǎnchái tiāo shuǐ.
–Wú Lì

Before enlightenment, chop wood and carry water;
After enlightenment, chop wood and carry water.
–Wu Li

Note: Enlightenment does not relieve one of the details of daily life.


Mōzhe shítou guòhé.
–Dèng Xiǎopíng

Cross the river by feeling the stones.
–Deng Xiaoping

Note: We may not see exactly how to get there but we will pragmatically find our way; we will learn as we go.


yībù yīgè jiǎoyìn

one step, one footprint (idiom);
steady progress; reliable

Note: Perhaps my favorite idiom.



to paint a dragon and dot in the eyes (idiom);
fig. to add the vital finishing touch;
the crucial point that brings the subject to life;
a few words to clinch the point

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