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Sites I Visit

freshnews.orgI get my tech news through the freshnews aggregator. While not a complete picture of the world, it is enough for me. Those looking for a more extensive time waster, try Certainly, using an aggregator implies that someone else is selecting the stories I read and therefore outside forces are impacting my worldview.  But […]

linkedin text too small

Linkedin’s latest site redesign reduced the font-size to eye-straining smallness. When I tried to enlarge the text (OmniWeb, Safari, MacBook Pro), I found text enlargement didn’t work. What? How did they disable text enlargement? And why would someone purposely make their website difficult to read? I don’t have a desire to hunt down how linkedin […]

Quotes and Idioms

A few quotes and idioms I’ve collected. 顿悟之前砍柴挑水,顿悟之后砍柴挑水——吴力。 Dùnwù zhī qián kǎnchái tiāo shuǐ, Dùnwù zhī hòu kǎnchái tiāo shuǐ. –Wú Lì Before enlightenment, chop wood and carry water; After enlightenment, chop wood and carry water. –Wu Li Note: Enlightenment does not relieve one of the details of daily life. 摸着石头过河——邓小平。 Mōzhe shítou guòhé. –Dèng […]

Beginning Rails 3

I read a paper some time ago–but for the life of me cannot remember where–presenting study findings on student recall and comprehension. The irony of not recalling the details of a paper on the subject of recall spurred me to examine my own recall in other areas. I may have forgotten the source but the […]

A New World

January, 2011. A month of reflection and choices. My world will never be the same. Speak a new languageso that the worldwill be a new world.—Rumi

What in Hell Happened to 2010?

2010 sucked. Don’t get me wrong. There was a lot good happened in 2010. But as a vintage, it sucked. Big donkey balls. At 2010’s wake, we make New Year’s resolutions in hopes that doing so will wash the taste out of our mouths. It’s what we do. Like paying taxes in April. Creatures of […]