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What’s on Your Bookshelf?

My bookcase at work reflects what’s currently on my mind. Here’s the state of my mind in May 2008. Apache: The Definitive Guide — I don’t know that this book is a must have. I look something up now and then. Web Site Measurement Hacks — A goldmine. While written as a hands-on book, its […]

Office Tour

At work, we ditched our cubicles and went straight up desks. It is amazing what breaking down the cell walls will do. Anyway, here’s ten points of interest in this “Kelly’s Office Tour.” 1. Mazzy Star Promo Mazzy Star was an American 1990s dream pop/alternative band. They formed in 1989, from the band Opal, a […]

Twentyfive Skills

Over on O’Reilly, Rick Jelliffe took Popular Mechanic’s 25 Skills Every Man Should Know quiz. I eagerly read through the quiz and I noticed two things. First, I eagerly read through the quiz. Second, I have smirked—on occasion—at women’s magazines that have similar quizzes. It’s all relative to what you believe is important. How did […]

Breaking the Law

I now have a myspace account. Why? just because. Note: Someone else has already secured redleopard as her myspace url. No hard feelings. I was late to the party. My url is the alternate spelling, www.myspace.com/hongbao. I haven’t yet done much with my account (you noticed) so it begs the question a second time: why? […]

Ten Years Later

It’s been ten years since Tracy and I were married. Here’s a flashback to 1997.

The Gwailo Lives

I’ve done it. I’ve committed to the name Gwailo Joe for my business.