Breaking the Law

I now have a myspace account. Why? just because.

Note: Someone else has already secured redleopard as her myspace url. No hard feelings. I was late to the party. My url is the alternate spelling,

I haven’t yet done much with my account (you noticed) so it begs the question a second time: why?

Well… is my little sanctuary, a place where I can blather on about whatever. But I like the tidiness of my little blog. Almost Prussian in it’s retentiveness.

But there are times I want to fingerpaint. You know, get all the paints out and just smear it all over the page, the table, the walls. Paint just dripping on the floor. And that is myspace. No one ever cares that a myspace page looks like crap. In fact, I think a tidy myspace page misses the point.

Now, there you have it. The why. In a world of web design, of rules, of clients, of standards–it’s a release valve to have some place to go break the law. That someplace is myspace.

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