Monthly Archives: January 2009

Software RAID 10

I’ve been putting off building the software RAID10 on marmaduke. Today, I put it off no longer. The server marmaduke has six storage devices (2 IDE and 4 SATA) $ ls -1 /dev/hd? /dev/hde /dev/hdf $ ls -1 /dev/sd? /dev/sda /dev/sdb /dev/sdc /dev/sdd The CDROM is attached as /dev/hde and a 300GB HDD as /dev/hdf […]

RAID 01 vs. RAID 10

I just finished building a four-drive software RAID10 on marmaduke and wanted to jot down my thoughts on RAID failure. In particular, I read a number of postings on the difference between RAID 01 and RAID 10. None of them satisfactory described the differences and how those differences changed when adding more drives. Marmaduke only […]

bash progress monitor

I have a remote machine that is used to store and process XML files. Recently, I had need to duplicate a directory of XML files (e.g., cp -r a b). It’s not really germane to the subject here, but this particular server has a whack configuration and I gotta rant before I continue. The office […]

Javascript DOM Listeners

I’ve wanted to build a simple gallery viewer for some time. “But there are thousands of already built viewers,” you may be thinking. Yes there are. But I wanted a simple viewer that was at once trĂ©s snappy and minimalist. I dislike the gallery systems that open another window or create a floating panel which […]