Monthly Archives: December 2008

Peace on Earth

This Christmas is good. So much of the year was absolutely lousy. I’m glad it’s ending on the upbeat. There are more than a few painful memories in 2008. A new Harley goes a long way towards easing a painful memory. And my in-laws Julie and Bob have come through with the goods: raffle tickets […]

It’s going to be a bumpy ride!

When I first read that Rails and Merb were merging, I thought it a hoax. Too good to be true. But true it is. I’m excited but no doubt, “It’s going to be a bumpy ride!”

grep and UTF-8

I needed to look up the various strings Apple uses to name the iTunes Library. First I tried to get name from the iTunes resource bundle echo “this won’t work…” echo “so don’t even try it” cd /Applications/ cat Localizable.strings | grep ‘PrimaryPlaylistName’ But I quickly learned that grep doesn’t work on the strings file. […]

Jalapeño Peppers

I was looking in my archives for a snickerdoodle recipe. Rummaging through those old sites was nostalgic and horrifying. The very first sites were hosted on Earthlink. I don’t even know the URL any more. The later sites have all been on Hurricane Electric. I pushed the first Red Leopard website out on October 29, […]

Why I believe I can learn Chinese

Let me tell you. Learning Chinese is damned hard. The character set, the tones, the pinyin phonetic alphabet (which uses latin characters but the characters rarely correlate to English pronunciation), the grammar… In comparison, learning German was a snap. And German is no snap. I can babble like an idiot in German but I’m understood. […]

Sepia MacWorld

I’m reading the news of Apple pulling out of MacWorld with a touch of sadness. MacWorld Boston is long dead. It was only a matter of time before MacWorld San Francisco ended, too. It makes sense to me. Consider the history of COMDEX. In it’s heyday, COMDEX rocked. There was excitement, drama, confusion. I attended […]