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Beginning Rails 3

I read a paper some time ago–but for the life of me cannot remember where–presenting study findings on student recall and comprehension. The irony of not recalling the details of a paper on the subject of recall spurred me to examine my own recall in other areas. I may have forgotten the source but the […]

I’m Sure

I travel. A lot. Not as much as I used to but it’s still a bit. When I travel, I take a stack of unread books. The stack I bring is always one or two books more than I believe I’ll finish. For example, my last trip to Delhi lasted two weeks. The reading list […]


Peters, Tom. Talent: Develop it, Sell it, Be it. London: Dorling Kindersley Limited, 2005.

I picked Talent up in the Hong Kong airport last month. I thought I would read it on the flight to Delhi but found the format too annoying. The colored text on colored pages was simply too trying.

Book: Battle for the Mind

I read a fair amount. I wouldn’t say a lot only because I don’t really read that fast. Well, that’s not true. Fictional and biographical works I cruise through fairly quickly. It’s non-fiction that slows me to a crawl. It was a decade ago that I realized the obvious. Just because you start reading a […]