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Real Soon Now

I submitted my suggestion to Jeep Customer Service and was directed to another office. From their quite sincere form letter (below), I’m certain that I will be taken seriously. We’ll be seeing a Wrangler with a V8 “real soon now.” Believe it. – 紅豹

Don’t Get me Started

I dropped into the San Jose Auto Show on Saturday. Truth be told, I’ve been dreaming about the four door Jeep since hearing the rumors. I have a ’95 Jeep, a true war horse. Leaf springs. 258 straight six (aka 4.0 L). Carpeting removed. Rear seat removed. Cargo net. Rack. Tow hitch. Utility trailer (converted […]

Drill Bit Chatter

As some of you know, my one and only purchase on eBay was the famous Fred G. Sanford Memorial Trailer or simply The Trailer. Tracy is still under-whelmed by its appearance but has conceded its occasional usefulness. To bring everyone up to speed, the trailer is the back half of a ’67 Dodge Stepside half […]