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Javascript DOM Listeners

I’ve wanted to build a simple gallery viewer for some time. “But there are thousands of already built viewers,” you may be thinking. Yes there are. But I wanted a simple viewer that was at once trĂ©s snappy and minimalist. I dislike the gallery systems that open another window or create a floating panel which […]

WordPress plugin problem

When I moved to wordpress, I purposely picked a theme with paged listings. Of course, I also started with the latest v. 2.7 release. (Actually 2.7 rc2, then an upgrade). The paged navigation at the bottom of the content section did not work. I tried to install the wp-pagenavi plugin but wordpress complained that the […]

The Jump to WordPress

I finally made the jump from moveable type to wordpress. The hardest step was porting the old posts. Whereas I created posts using UTF-8 encoded characters, moveable type did a dumb convert of the characters into Latin-1 when storing them MySQL. Since the path out of the database and to the page was a reverse […]

More site tweaks

I haven’t made many visible tweaks to the redleopard site since June. This isn’t to say that things weren’t going on ‘behind the scenes’. Here’s what’s happened.

CSS Changes [check]

I made the css change in less than a month. It consisted of two changes.

New Style Needed

I’m sick of the Red Leopard style sheet. Expect to see a new CSS.