Monthly Archives: November 2003

COMDEX is Dead

I said it last year, “This is my last COMDEX for COMDEX is dead” Yet, I went again. Just to see. It’s true. Last year was the death of COMDEX. This year was the ‘viewing’. All that’s left is to toss dirt in the grave.

Book: Battle for the Mind

I read a fair amount. I wouldn’t say a lot only because I don’t really read that fast. Well, that’s not true. Fictional and biographical works I cruise through fairly quickly. It’s non-fiction that slows me to a crawl. It was a decade ago that I realized the obvious. Just because you start reading a […]

Drill Bit Chatter

As some of you know, my one and only purchase on eBay was the famous Fred G. Sanford Memorial Trailer or simply The Trailer. Tracy is still under-whelmed by its appearance but has conceded its occasional usefulness. To bring everyone up to speed, the trailer is the back half of a ’67 Dodge Stepside half […]


Anatomy of a spam message: I got this one in my box. It didn’t display properly since I’m not using a Microsoft mail reader. But it did slip past the junk mail filter. Most filters work on a point system. If a message accrues enough spam points, it’s flagged as junk. It’s a good new, […]