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An Open Response

I attended the SDForum Engineering Leadership SIG talk What Defines an Early Stage A+ VP of Engineering? held on Thursday, October 16 at SAP. Matt Pérez, COO of nearsoft.com, spoke his mind on the subject in the context of his own experience. I see a lot of presentations. Matt’s style and presence puts him at […]

A Week in the Slife

Monday’s morning scrum was dragging out. Scrum is supposed to be a short meeting so when it starts to drag, I’ll make a “now and later” request. What conversations can we complete “now” in a few minutes and what conversations are better served with their own “later” in their own planning meeting. I hadn’t scheduled […]

Resume Advice

I read a lot of resumes. It’s a depressing activity. One thing I’ve gotten from reading so many resumes is an empathy for hiring managers. Don’t get me wrong. I remember those anxious, uncertain days of writing my own resume. Worrying whether I had just the right words that would keep my resume out of […]

A Slife of Life

I saw Rorschach‘s tweet about slife and thought I’d give it a try. Wow. It is eye opening. You can read a mans whole life with slife. I installed it Thursday morning. It didn’t surprise me. I more or less know how my days are filled. Here’s two and a half days… 07:30 arrive office, […]

Dammit, man! Get it together!

I’m re-reading Tom Peters’ Talent. It’s funny—not the ‘ha-ha’ type but the ‘strange’ type of funny—that on a second reading, the material often takes on an entirely different cast. I believe it’s the time in between the readings, the between time, in which your daily experiences are interpreted within the context of ideas gleaned from […]