Monthly Archives: May 2008

Google I/O May 28-29 2008

This is a busy week. Monday is a Memorial Day in the United States, ostensibly a holiday. These days, holiday is code for catching up on specification writing, of course. But on Wednesday-Thursday I’m heading up to Google I/O. I’ll be in the social track. I didn’t see a single session in social track I […]

Run Log

Churchill Route 3 miles 34m 12s 11.24 pace Buddha Belly Begone!

iMac on Loan

Last summer, I retired my old Titanium PowerBook G4 (800MHz) as the Company bought my a shiny new MacBook Pro (2.4GHz). Sweet! A year later, the latch on my laptop stopped latching. I sent it in for repair. In the interim, I Carbon Copy Cloned my hard drive and am using that hardrive to boot […]


I’ve started a new online radio station at It’s based in Germany. If you can speak or puzzle out a bit of German, you can navigate the site and find a station you like. I created this based on my playlist Blue Smoke. However, before they will play a station, you must have more […]

360|Flex San Jose 2008

I’m going to 360|Flex San Jose (August 18 – 20, 2008). This is my first Flex conference. I had long maligned Flex as expensive and unnecessary. I have changed my religion! I saw Peter Armstrong ( at the Ruby conference in San Jose. Here’s a guy who built a flex+rails app during his presentation. It […]

Monday’s at 1PM

I take Mandarin classes at the Language Studies Institute. While studying Mandarin is fun, I wouldn’t say it’s easy. I’ve opted for the conversational track. We aren’t learning the characters; we use pinyin (romanized tranliterations) and focus on speaking. I bought the CDs recently which correspond to my textbook and ripped them to iTunes. Once […]