I’ve started a new online radio station at

It’s based in Germany. If you can speak or puzzle out a bit of German, you can navigate the site and find a station you like.

I created this based on my playlist Blue Smoke. However, before they will play a station, you must have more than one hour of total track time in the playlist.

Even at that, must shuffle the tracks until the playlist is at least three hours long. I’m working on it.

[update 2008-05-26] I’ve extended the list to appx 3.5 hours. I’m not completely satisfied with the trackstream but what the heck? It’s a radio station. I’m working on a new list now. Should be ready real soon now.


  1. Seems only fitting to publish a German version of the Blue Smoke playlist description. Even though Blaudämmerung has twice the tracks (and I’ll add more to reach the 3 hour threshold), Blue Smoke is the seed.

    Auf eine heiße Sommernacht, Sitzecke auf der Veranda nach vorne ein blaues Licht reflektieren gegen einen feuchten Dunst hing niedrig, man schweigen. Ruhig Reflexion in eine Decke von blauem Rauch.

    On a hot summer night, sitting out on the front porch under a blue light reflecting against a humid haze hung low, you find yourself silent. Quiet reflection in a blanket of blue smoke.



  2. If you need help understanding German …



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