CSS Changes [check]

I made the css change in less than a month. It consisted of two changes.

First lighten the background color of blogbody.

Second darken the paragraph text.

My lame excuse for not fixing it sooner is I’ve been busy! But it’s true. All about priorities.

Business has picked up and I’m both working under contract and putting more bids out for contract. Which brings me to the next point.

I’m working on my business site. It’s powered by MT+PHP. I’m not a programmer so the PHP side is going a bit slowly. Plus, I’m learning a lot about MT and it’s power. Between the two, I believe I have everything I need to build a good CMS for small businesses. The commercial license for MT is $150 but that’s reasonable.

But back to CSS.

I finally made the changes so I can officially check that item off the to do list.

If I can only find the list…