Real Soon Now

I submitted my suggestion to Jeep Customer Service and was directed to another office. From their quite sincere form letter (below), I’m certain that I will be taken seriously. We’ll be seeing a Wrangler with a V8 “real soon now.” Believe it. – 紅豹

Thank you for submitting a suggestion for consideration by DaimlerChrysler Corporation. Your suggestion will be processed as described below:

First, the suggestion will be reviewed from the standpoints of relevance to our core business and relevance to our product plans. Our core business is the manufacture and sale of automobiles and light trucks. Relevance to our product plans refers to how compatible your suggestion may be with our current and future product feature, innovation and technology strategies.

If we have interest in your suggestion it will be sent for technical evaluation to determine how well it fits with our product development plans. The soundness and completeness of your work, coupled with our evaluator’s opinion of the value of the suggestion to our product plans and corporate objectives, determines a “pass” or “fail” at the conclusion of the evaluation.

Finally, due to the volume of suggestions we receive and process, you will not be contacted automatically after you submit your suggestion. If at any point in our evaluation we determine that there is sufficient interest to justify seeking additional information, beyond what you have already submitted, DaimlerChrysler Corporation will contact you.

If we do not contact you during the six months following the date your suggestion was submitted, you may assume that DaimlerChrysler Corporation is already aware of, or is not currently interested in, the suggestion that was submitted. However, if you are not contacted regarding one suggestion, this in no way limits or prohibits your future submission of other suggestions to DaimlerChrysler Corporation.

We thank you again for electronically submitting your suggestion(s) to DaimlerChrysler Corporation. We trust that you will enjoy the convenience offered by DaimlerChrysler Corporation’s Outside Suggestions Office Website.

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