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SOD: Sidebar Diversion

I couldn’t get the idea out of my head that the Avatar rendering cluster required 1 petabyte of storage. However, this slide show of the facilities used for filming the actors opened my eyes. [eye opening slide show] The petabyte is required not just for the finished product. It’s needed to store all the sensor […]

SOD: System Benchmarking Hardware

I’ve been working on and off on the next Seeds of Discontent article. This is a tidbit of an upcoming post but I wanted to push it out now since I need it published for a divergent sidebar article. It stands here bald and raw. That’s life. This system uses most of the Rampage III […]

Mid-Peninsula Aikido

These are my notes made while looking for an Aikido dojo in the San Francisco Bay’s mid-peninsula region. Specifically the communities in and around Palo Alto, CA. (image: [Update 2011-12-20: I have chosen to train at Aikido Center and started attending Zazen and Aikido classes in October 2011.] I won’t get into the ‘why’ […]

Will it Blend?

In the previous article Seeds of Discontent, I jotted down a few benchmarks to compare OS X, Windows and Linux performance at a system level. In this article, I explore further a test built around graphics rendering engines. In particular, I was impressed by Sintel, an open source movie built with (among others) Blender. I […]

Seeds of Discontent

I like reading Tom’s Hardware Guide. I liked it better in the site’s early days when it wasn’t so javacript and flash heavy and the articles were idomatically ‘German-English’. A lot happens in twelve or so years. Still, Tom’s is the best source of information on the web. I read a CPU benchmark this morning […]

filenames with spaces

I downloaded Unity last week. My first bit of installation geekery was to push the documentation to marmaduke, my CentOS server. I drop the documentation directory into a virtual host and let apache serve the index (since I solved my Apache Directory Indexing problem a bit back.) However, I found that the pages had missing […]