Death Penalty for Virus Pukes

The sobig virus has hit me. Well, not me directly. I’m on the Mac. But it has hit someone (I don’t know who) and I’m affected (even if not infected).

Here’s how. The sobig virus infects a machine. It emails virus and crap out to people in the outlook address book. It also picks some unlucky sod (me, in this case) as the “from” email address.

So, all these people I don’t know are getting crap from this putz’ outlook express but it’s says it’s from me. Now, I’m getting all these bounced messages and virus warning notices from firewalls and annoyed system administrators.

I say, it’s time for the death penalty. Thin the herd.

Too harsh, you say? Well, I’d compromise and accept simple caning but only if there were a good gaussian curve of ‘survivors’ and ‘non-survivors’ from the corporal punishment. In other words, minimally half the folks would die from caning.

If we can’t deal with capital punishment for this malicious crime, perhaps we could cut a deal with a foreign country. We extridite to their country (they pass very stringent anti-virus laws), they cane the bastard to death (at least 50% of the time) and we cover the costs (up to 1 million dollars per criminal). I’m sure we could find takers, what with all the viscious bastards out there.

What do you think?