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On the Road Again…

Another Toastmasters talk, this one my third. I thought the material was better, or at least more humorous, than the previous two. But my delivery sucked. In retrospect, I should have rehearsed another day. I got laughs but there were three mechanical problems with my delivery Flow stalled in a few places I ran over […]

More site tweaks

I haven’t made many visible tweaks to the redleopard site since June. This isn’t to say that things weren’t going on ‘behind the scenes’. Here’s what’s happened.

Not Gonna Upgrade

The cool thing about Open Source software is that folks world-wide are constantly working on it. That means continual updates. However, I’m not gonna update for a while. Here’s why.

The Gwailo Lives

I’ve done it. I’ve committed to the name Gwailo Joe for my business.

I’m glad it’s over

That’s the title of the talk I gave last Tuesday. I joined the Palo Alto Early Risers Toastmasters about a month ago. This was my second speech. (I hand wrote the first one and am too lazy to type it up.) ###

CSS Changes [check]

I made the css change in less than a month. It consisted of two changes.