Not Gonna Upgrade

The cool thing about Open Source software is that folks world-wide are constantly working on it. That means continual updates. However, I’m not gonna update for a while. Here’s why.

I wanted to make my laptop into a DAMP system (Darwin, Apache, MySQL, Perl/PHP/PythonMac OS X already comes with Apache and PHP. Old versions. And no MySQL.

I updated my system with the really straight forward downloads from Aaron Faby. He packages up Apache/MySQL/PHP into installer packages. Click and load.

However, I’ve decided I’m not going to update ‘AMP’ packages until the ‘D’ upgrade to Panther. Besides, my laptop is ahead of my web host’s versions.

Software On My Mac Available
Apache 2.0.44 2.0.46
MySQL 3.23.52 4.0.13
PHP 4.3.1 4.3.2

Right now, my focus is on (a) writing content for my company’s site, (b) improving my Flash skilz [you’ll see it here on the leopard], (c) upgrading the leopard to MT 2.64, (d)making money. Heavy emphasis on ‘making money’.

That is, unless someone has a convincing argument otherwise?