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New Style Needed

I’m sick of the Red Leopard style sheet. Expect to see a new CSS.

Moveable Type Rules

I’ve spent the past several nights getting my sister site up and running. After cursing MT, I’ve come to love it. I’m hooked.

Episode II – Redeaux III

I watched episode II again this past weekend (to Tracy’s dismay) and will wrap up the Anakin quandary.

Episode II – Redeaux II

5. Anakin Skywalker What do we do with Anakin? Well, Luke Skywalker was a doofus so why shouldn’t, too, be the old man. Doofus. That sums it up.

Episode II – Redeaux

Did the recent two Star Wars episodes evoke a “what the h***?” Yep. They were big budget but they left me cold. Here’s the first (of many) changes I would have made.

Beautiful Baltimore

It’s been almost a decade since I lived in Baltimore. Last week, Tracy and I visited my old stomping grounds. It’s said that you can never go back. I don’t know. It felt like home.