Beautiful Baltimore

It’s been almost a decade since I lived in Baltimore. Last week, Tracy and I visited my old stomping grounds. It’s said that you can never go back. I don’t know. It felt like home.

Of course, we were on holiday. A three nights / four days holiday.

Wed: Fly into Dulles, rent a car and drive to Annapolis.

We stayed at the State House Inn just across the street from the {smile} State House. It’s a quaint Bed and Breakfast (two thumbs up). Annapolis is one of those places that doesn’t really exist. And for that reason, it’s very romantic. Enough said.

Thu: Drive up to Baltimore

We stayed at the Peabody Hotel in Mt. Vernon. It’s a nice hotel but the room was a bit warm. Anyway, we spent most of our time at the Inner Harbor. We ate crabcakes that were, I’m not kidding, larger than baseaballs. All chunk meat. I couldn’t stop eating!

It’s the grittiness of Baltimore that I like. That isn’t to say B. isn’t refined. It is. But with a texture that I haven’t found anywhere else.

I could have kicked around Baltimore for another week. It really is a very livable city.

Fri: Oh, how I love a drive in the country. We motored around looking at neighborhoods, houses and architecture before heading down to Virginia.

We ended our vacation with a stay in Old Town, Alexandria. I like Alexandria for some of the same reasons I like our current home town of Palo Alto, CA. It’s quaint, great food, pretty. But Old Town is much larger and there’s more to do. Besides, DC is just a bridge away.

Sat: Back to Dulles and home. Tracy and I both wanted to stay an extra day. And that’s just how vacation is supposed to end.