On On

Last night I took Truffles (our old english sheepdog) to run with the Agnew State Hash House Harriers. Big-T is getting a bit long in the tooth but he sure does love to hash!

The official notice stated

Please join See More Dick and Scrum Muffin for a shiggy filled jaunt at the Arastradero Preserve. This is See More’s virgin lay so who knows what the evening has in store. The trail is dog friendly but bring technu because there is P.O!

And Poison Oak there was a plenty. This time of year, the P.O. turns a deep crimson so it’s easier to see (and avoid).

The hash was billed to start at 6:30pm. In true form, the hash started precisely at some arbitrary time after that. The hares were suspected of inebriation. As usual in a hash, suspicion is conviction. Down-downs later.

Three dogs ran last night. Two labs (Smudge and Vera) and Truffles. Labs have a definite running advantage.

Other than a YBF, the trail was straight forward.

There were a couple of SCBs early on but it didn’t gain them much. Well, it gained them down-downs.

There was one beer check by the pond. The sun hung low and one hasher commented that this is why we hash: the sunset and beauty. He was immediately beset by the pack who (correctly) pointed out that we hash for the beer. {{smile}} Another hash crime for down-downs.

The trail back in proved no challenge but for Truffles. The old guy needed to rest at a couple spots and we walked the last half mile.

Back at the Alpine Inn (beer and burger joint at the corner of Arastradero and Alpine), the pack straggled in. Next Time showed up with friends from Singapore. They showed up late and didn’t follow trail opting, instead, to walk their own trail. Down-downs.

Grim Rimmer was DFL. Down-down.

All dogs (and their owners) got down-downs. I’m not sure why. I think it was because Smudge knocked over Worms beer at the beer check. And if ONE dog drinks, THEY ALL DRINK!

The hares always get down-downs but Wet Hairs had to join them because IF ONE HARE DRINKS, THEY ALL DRINK! She is stuck with that one for the rest of her days.

There was a first time visitor, Just Julie. Down-down for being a first time visitor. J.J. had the usual option of singing a song, telling a joke, or flashing an intimate body part. She opted for the joke, to the usual groans of disappointment.

Truffy and I skipped the OnOnOn and headed home. Thanks be to Scrum Muffin and See More Dick for another great hash.


(For more information on hashing, Silicon Valley Hash House Harriers