Miles to Go

This morning at toastmasters, Tony delivered an excellent interpretive reading talk on Robert Frost’s Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening. I remember the last stanza from the 1977 movie Telefon starring Charles Bronson.

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On the Road Again…

Another Toastmasters talk, this one my third. I thought the material was better, or at least more humorous, than the previous two. But my delivery sucked. In retrospect, I should have rehearsed another day.

I got laughs but there were three mechanical problems with my delivery

  • Flow stalled in a few places
  • I ran over my time limit — 8:36 for a 5:00 to 7:00 talk
  • The intro was a bit wooden

All in all, I was pleased with the material and may revisit the subject again.

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More site tweaks

I haven’t made many visible tweaks to the redleopard site since June. This isn’t to say that things weren’t going on ‘behind the scenes’. Here’s what’s happened.

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Not Gonna Upgrade

The cool thing about Open Source software is that folks world-wide are constantly working on it. That means continual updates. However, I’m not gonna update for a while. Here’s why.

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The Gwailo Lives

I’ve done it. I’ve committed to the name Gwailo Joe for my business.

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“I know you”

Broken fist
on bended knee.
Behind closed doors,
where no one can see
Who you really are.
But, I know…