And, so it Comes

Bouncing off of walls
Very unsure
Destiny’s child
What the future hold.
Shifting tide
Under a full moon.
Kept in the dark
Holds all the keys
What shall it be?

I was wrong

All this time
I thought success was here.
I was wrong.

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Hardly Famous

If I could be famous
For just one day,
I’d write you a novel
Full of hope and love.
I’d keep you close to my heart
So you would be safe.

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Bang the pipes
Loose of the crud and muck.

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Rain floods my eyes.
Pain splinters my heart into dust.
The soft glow of the candle,
Illuminates my fear and self-doubt.
This is not working.
Throw it out!
Time to try something new.


Somehow, I fell
Off of the track.
I tried to walk
Down the middle
Of a precarious

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