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When nostalgia just isn’t the right word. I put this playlist together back in January. It’s not my favorite but somehow I find myself trotting it out again and again. I feel that swapping out two or three tracks would complete the list. I can’t put my finger on which ones to drop or what […]

Blue Smoke

On a hot summer night, sitting out on the front porch under a blue light reflecting against a humid haze hung low, you find yourself silent. Quiet reflection in a blanket of blue smoke.

Embedded Playlist Player

I’m trying out the Imeem playlist player. The version on the Imeem site is fancier than this but thank the stars the embedded version is plain. It fits red leopard’s minimalist sensibilities. Sweet! It’s super simple to use. Find a playlist you like, cut and past the code snippet into your blog. Like that and […]

The LastFM Quilt

I’m on the fence on whether or not to add the LastFM quilt to my blog. It’s a bit large. If I see it in the post for a week and still like it, maybe it goes in the REVERB sidebar. (and, of course, I’ll clean up their css.)

Chill with Anji Bee

I spend a lot of time listening to music at work. It’s one of the perks working at a music discovery site. I mean, what kind of “music discovery” site would we be if there were a “no listening to music” rule? Duh. Anyway, I’ve found a new source of really sweet tunes: Anji Bee.