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I’m trying out the Imeem playlist player. The version on the Imeem site is fancier than this but thank the stars the embedded version is plain. It fits red leopard’s minimalist sensibilities. Sweet!

It’s super simple to use. Find a playlist you like, cut and past the code snippet into your blog. Like that and it’s done!

So why Aaron Lewis? I like his solo acoustic work over his staind electric work. Not everyone shares my opinion but Imeem has beaucoup playlists. Go get your own!

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  1. Update: It seems that if I’m logged into Imeem and listen to the playlist on Imeem, I can listen to the entire track on my blog.

    However, if I log out of Imeem, close my browser and come back the next day, I get just the 30 second samples. Still, a pretty good deal. 紅豹/redleopard



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