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Rain floods my eyes. Pain splinters my heart into dust. The soft glow of the candle, Illuminates my fear and self-doubt. This is not working. Throw it out! Time to try something new.


Somehow, I fell Off of the track. I tried to walk Down the middle Of a precarious Situation.


The flower that grows In the terra cotta pot By the garage door Had the audacity To bloom today.

Sunday Morning Ritual

The rock fountain Outside my sliding Glass bedroom door Creates a sense of peace And tranquillity In my weary stress Filled mind.

Just One Last Point…

I realize it now, that a few days have passed and my head is no longer affected by spirits and illusions of grandeur and self-importance that I may have been too hard on you the other day…

Copper Creek

Light of the half-moon casting shadows; Stars as far as the eye can see.