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I recently finished Paul Bloom’s intro psych course and thought I’d continue my survey with Jeremy Wolfe’s MIT 9.00: Introduction to Psychology. I’m only two lectures in and already I sense Dr. Wolfe’s class has heavier technical leanings. That’s not a bad thing. To read broadly expands awareness.

I tried comparing the syllabi from Yale and MIT. There is some overlap but there is far more unique content than not. At least that’s my impression comparing the two sets of reading assignments. I’ll know more when I finish the balance of the 23 lectures.

So far, I’m pleased. Dr. Bloom has a speaking style that stands apart; he is a hard act to follow. Listening to another lecturer rehash the same syllabus would invite comparison on delivery rather than on content. Happily, this isn’t the case. Even when discussing common material, the lecturers maintain unique courses. As an example, both lecturers talk about Thorndike’s work with cats and puzzle boxes. Even though they talk about the same experiment, the context created by the speakers gives each of their respective lectures a different cast.

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