Ten Apple Announcements That Would Not Disappoint

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There are a lot of haters out there but I’m still rooting for Apple. I want Apple to succeed. I’m not going to WWDC 2010 (tapped out of conference budget).

I wish I were going.

Job’s “you won’t be disappointed” promise has my head spinning. I like surprises. I hope Apple doesn’t disappoint.

So, what would I like to see announced? Here’s my top ten list of wishful thinking.

1. CloudWorks

I liked iTools until it became NotFree and then MobileMe. It just seemed regressive in the age of free online calendars and email. I guess I’ve never gotten over it.

I’d like to see MobileMe move to CloudWorks, a name I made up to describe the mythical Apple Cloud.


MobileMe backs iLife right now. There are a few issues to solve when iLife is backed by CloudWorks.

2. iPhoto backed by CloudWorks

A Freemium flickr-like model with auto-connection to iPhoto (and Aperature). Some base level service at no charge then additional service levels at a competitive cost.

3. iMovie backed by CloudWorks

A vimeo or viddler like service with auto-connection to iMovie. Some base level service at no charge then additional service levels at a competitive cost. The real advantage is HTML5 video streaming.


iWorks is, ummm, okay. Except for Numbers. I cannot yet replace Excel with Numbers.

4. Super iWeb backed by CloudWorks

I know, I know. iWeb publishes to MobileMe now. I would like to see a tiered pricing plan. iWeb isn’t a web application authoring system. It’s a kinder, gentler DreamWeaver or FrontPage. Not everyone want’s to create the next twitter of foursquare. Sometimes a simple website is appropriate. Maybe $1.99/month for the basic service (charged to the App Store). Bandwidth and storage overages are competitive.

I’d like to see iWeb extended as a client editor for WordPress and/or MoveableType. Even better, a deal with one of these vendors to provide the service on CloudWorks.

5. Pages backed by CloudWorks

I use Pages to write papers for school (which I must export into Word format for online submission). Pages is more pleasing to use than Word so long as I don’t need to do much formatting. Besides, I do most of my draft writing using a combination of BBEdit and Scrivener. This blog article was drafted in BBEdit, for example. However, I’d like to save my Pages documents to CloudWorks with revision control. When I grant someone permission to pull the document down, they can select one of three formats: Pages, Word or PDF.

While we’re at it, I’d like to see a repository in CloudWorks for templates. CloudWorks users can submit templates to the repository and other members can rate the template. Like a APA compliant template.

6. Keynote backed by CloudWorks

Keynote is love/hate. It too is more pleasing to use than PowerPoint but almost nobody I interact with uses Keynote so I have that extra export to PowerPoint step. My favorite presentation tool is OmniGraffle. It’s a joy to work with and I like the way it looks in presentation mode. However, there is only one person I share presentations with who has OmniGraffle. Just one. I end up exporting to PDF.

I’d like to save my Keynote presentations to CloudWorks with revision control. When I grant someone permission to pull the document down, they can select one of three formats: Keynote, PowerPoint or PDF. Additionally, there is an HTML5 presentation feature that allows for online slideshow viewing.

Fix Things

There just two things I’d like fixed. They may seem small but it’s my blog and I’m making a statement.

7. Fix iTunes U

Maybe no one but me uses iTunes U and therefore no one will be disappointed if there are no improvements here. Except for me. I’ll be disappointed. For example, the ability to sort the lectures within a course. That would be nice.

It seems as if Apple has conceded K-12 to Windows. I would like to see the Mac emerge as strong leader in online education. That’s just me being selfish as I like school.

8. Fix the Cocoa Finder

I was happy to hear Apple moved Finder from Carbon to Cocoa… until I used it. There are subtle annoying quirks that showed up in the new Finder. For example, when I tab between desktops in Spaces, the focus is wrong when I get there. Even when the application has the focus (in the menu) upon arrival to a new desktop, the actual window doesn’t have focus.

Two More Things

9. iPhone on Verizon

I know this is a very United States centric request but this is where I live. ATT service at my house sucks. I’d immediately switch to Verizon. I don’t much care for Verizon but they do have great coverage (including my house).

10. Full CSS3, HTML5 Support in Safari

Whatever that means. I’d be happy if Safari reached functional parity with Chrome (except for the audio/video elements, cause that’s just not going to happen.) Safari is not far off.

Will any of this emerge at WWDC 2010? Who knows? Maybe what’s coming is so stunning that it eclipses any of my current desires. <-- grin -->

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