Blue Smoke IV

I’ve added this latest rendition of Blue Smoke to illustrate a point: The quantity and quality of non-video music is greater than that of video music. Okay. So it’s anecdotal. But this isn’t about science. It’s about sensation. In my world, the grooveshark player found every track but one: Helpless by Needle. But I’ll take Neil Young’s unplugged version. Not as good but does have a nice base coat of maudlin piano. And I prefer the Paul Weller’s Portishead remix of Wildwood.

One of the niftiest aspects of the grooveshark player is that it if you change (add, delete, modify) tracks in the playlist on grooveshark /after/ you embed the playlist, those changes propagate to the embedded player. That way, if I find Needle’s version, I can swap out the track. And like magic, my playlist just gets better.

One last thing. The garish colors are mine. In fact, when you create a widget, there are color wheels to adjust color on /everything/. I suggest you get a palette of coordinated colors before you start building the widget. I didn’t and in the end, my widget looks like a three year old colored it.

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