August Already

Tracy and I vacationed in Fargo in July. I hear you snickering out there, you snickerers. For the record, I like Fargo. Nice town.

We visited Tracy’s sister and her family. Those kids know how to show out-of-towners a great time. We all slipped out of North Dakota and into Minnesota for three days of R & R on Detriot Lake. Picture Perfect.

July was so perfect, in fact, that if it lasted any longer, I just might not have made it back to work.

Ah, yes. Work. It turns out that work was still there when I returned. And lots of it. An overwhelming heap of it. I’ve now comfortably slid back in the groove. It’s the initial ‘getting back into it’ that hurts when vacation ends. Reality lifts up on its haunches and exhales a staleness into the air.

And now August is here signalling the dying days of summer and the coming of crisp nights. For a sad bastard like me, the bittersweet arrival of autumn is an old friend long missed.

August, already. It’s none too soon.